Training and Consultancy



Certified trainings;

Introduction to Foreign Trade and Analytical Perspective Training

In this training, general concepts of foreign trade are explained. It is aimed to give an analytical point of view to external commercialization by describing which customs legislation originated from which necessities. In this way, foreign trade and customs legislation related to issues that do not know, and how to investigate where and how to know is provided.

General Foreign Trade and Customs Legislation Training

In this training, foreign trade and customs legislation are generally explained. The requested items are explained in detail. In order for the subjects to be settled, the relevant legislation is explained in terms of the requirements and the factual sampling is made. The aim is to provide customs and foreign trade legislation training to inform the person.

Customs Tariff Schedule and General Comment Rules Training

The purpose of this training is; is to draw a general road map related to how the customs tariff of the person is given. To teach general interpretation rules. The proclamation is to improve the ability to make accurate tariffs within the framework of interpretation rules and general principles.

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Authorized Obligatory Certification Consultancy

The counseling given in this regard has been determined as 3 stages. Optionally, each stage can be taken separately or as a whole.

  • Classical question form and application documents check and counseling.
  • Establishment of internal structure and related procedures
  • Application follow up

General Counseling for Companies

In general, in addition to legislation and tariff notifications, each year; it includes 1 General Foreign Trade Legislation Training and for the newcomers 1 Foreign Trade Entry and Analytical Point of View Training.

The details of this consultancy can be determined by adding and subtracting parties with the agreement.

Approved Person Status Certificate Consultancy

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