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Our Hıstory

  • 1969 - Introduction to Sector

    On 1969, Mr. Yahya DOĞRUER started its first mediation services in customs.

  • 1982 - Doğruer

    On 1982, “DOĞRUER” which is all Turkish capital with gathering under the same roof that the activities of international highway transportation and clearance is born by Yahya DOĞRUER with making organization.

  • 1995 - Partial Transportation Started

    We have increased our number of vehicles by being among our growth targets in the transportation sector. European markets were selected as the target market and partial transport began.

  • 2001 - Vehicle Fleet Is Renewed

    In 2001, the first batch of Mercedes Axor was sold to Doğruer in Ankara. The Whole Fleet was turned into Mercedes Vehicles for professionalism.

  • 2002 - First Storage Area Opened

    Our new storage facility opened in Şaşmaz, Ankara. Full custom logistics service started to be provided with customs clearance permit.

  • 2007 - Second Storage Area Opened

    A new storage area was opened in Şaşmaz in Ankara to meet the increasing needs.

  • 2010 - Customs Consultancy Branches were Opened

    In the direction of foreign trade development and increasing demands, branches were opened in Customs Consultancy.

  • 2014 - We moved to 22.000 sqm new center building in Kahramankazan.

    We started to manage all of our activities from this point by moving our new center building which meets all the standards and requirements brought by our project. We have started to provide more professional services by improving our technological infrastructure both as software and hardware.

  • 2018 - We finished the construction of our Kahramankazan Number 2 new storage area of 23.000 sqm.

    Our new storage area, equipped with the latest technology with a closed area of 15.000 m², is now ready for service.

  • Ongoing projects

    Our new warehouse area connected to Esenboğa Airport dwelling is now under construction, Our new custom bonded warehouse building connected to Gebze Customs Directorate is in the project phase, Our hotel is 70 km from Bodrum Airport and in Milas Ören project is under construction