Logistics Warehouse


DOĞRUER has a logistical understanding that emphasizes the importance of optimally transporting and storing customers' cargo.

Rapid and developing competitive environment in our sector; has made it mandatory for you to constantly improve your renewal, speed, logistical competence and capacity.

This is why in the last quarter of 2014, the closed area of 14750 sqm has been assigned as a LOGISTICS STORAGE area due to a modern logistic understanding of our new facility.

Your loads are taken from your address and our specialist staff securely transports this warehouse to you in a safe and timely manner. Thus, you are offered both time and space benefits, as well as cost advantages, with DOĞRUER quality.

From the storage of 1 pallet product to the production of special logistic solutions with a field office of thousands of square meters, DOĞRUER has made it a principle to provide professional service from A to Z to every area.