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    Changing Customs Legislation Changes On The Agenda

    Within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, in order to ensure the customs clearance of the critical goods quickly, requests for utilizing the fully-declared simplified method for 4015. Gloves used in surgery, 9018. Serum and blood donation set cannula, 9018. Intravascular catheters – sterile, disposable, for angiography 9018. Others, 9019. Devices -defined goods up to a second instruction should be met and the goods should be facilitated prior to arrival.
    After adding the reference value of the Registration Document to the foreign expenses, the companies making the subject of the case should be notified to İTKİB. Within the scope of coronavirus measures, according to the Circular No. 2013/37, the submission period of the medical board reports required by direct representatives, authorized customs brokers, customs brokers and assistant customs brokers was extended until the end of April 2020.
    Special Consumption Tax Amounts to be applied as of 21/3/2020 have changed for some fuel products (unleaded gasoline, diesel, lpg, propane and butane) in the annex to Decision 2018/11818 dated 14/5/2018.
    According to the notification made by the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar, Port Health and Food Control Unit on 22.3.2020; Regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, all food products to be imported to Qatar for the protection of the health of consumers should be sent with a certificate or notification containing an ““To the shipment in question; All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that the Covid-19 coronavirus is not transmitted in any way, either through employees or in relation to the operations performed. ”” text, the original text of which is approved by the relevant authorities of the relevant country.
    Amendments have been made in the fourth article titled “Recovery Participation Share Statement” of the General Communiqué No 1 Recourse Participation Share Declaration and 12 / B article titled Examples of Recourse Participation Share. Provisional article titled declarations submitted for the January / 2020 and February / 2020 periods has been added to the communiqué.
    Within the scope of combating the coronavirus (Kovid19) epidemic, regulations regarding the authorized certificate applications (YYS) were made and the obligation to provide documents was stopped. It is considered appropriate not to apply fines for all transit time limits.
    14 days quarantine obligation was brought to the TIR drivers coming from abroad.
    The categories 7007., 7007., 7007., 7007., 7007., 7007,, 7007.,.7007. subject to surveillance within the scope of the Communiqué No 2020/1 are excluded from the surveillance application in the amounts reported in this Communiqué.
    As of March 21, you can only make your customs duties with public banks.
    96/31 No. Export Prohibition and pre-permit Optional Paper supplement relating to goods (Appendix 2 – 27-32 th rows), according to Ministry of Health Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices preliminary permit issued by the Authority documents were taken to the Single Window System.
    The reflections of the COVID-19 – Corona Outbreak and the changes made within the scope of the struggle to the customs are as follows;
    1-    In all Customs, civil servants have 50% job leave under the pandemic measure. For this reason, the transactions are very slow.
    2-    Declaration printing contact offices of Customs Consultancy Associations at Customs were closed until a second order. In all customs, which do not have an office, there are delays in transactions due to the fact that we have to take documents from the office and send documents to the customs.
    3-    As of today, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce at the customs have closed their contact offices and all transactions have been made in the Center. For this reason, there are many difficulties in certifying the Movement Certificate and they are deployed to the Center 2-3 times a day.
    4-    In institutions that give Foreign Trade Permits (Dts; Tse etc.), have switched to homeoffice work model and we have no chance of direct access to Specialists. Therefore, the procedures are late.
    5-    In international transportation companies, because the drivers had to be in quarantine for 14 days, the workforce decreased by 50%. Therefore, there were disruptions in the programs related to vehicle exits.

    In the light of all these developments;

    We decided to switch to part time (half and half) homeoffice order.
    In order to hold our customers harmless; We have prepared our necessary IT structuring, work division and work flow plans.
    When working with this model, we ask you to add to all mail groups.
    In this period full of unknowns, where new developments occur every day, our biggest wish is to regain healthy days where everything is in order.