Customs Consultancy


DOĞRUER CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY make a point of offer the best and fastest solutions to the customs needs of its customers to itself. In this respect, besides the qualified and expert consultant staff, there is also the consultant candidates of the young and dynamic future. The harmony and desire to work together is the most important element that reveals the power and quality of DOĞRUER CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY today.

DOĞRUER CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY adopts pro-active approach instead of active approach to its customers. It takes precautions to deal with possible problems and ensures smooth workflow. For us, real service is to avoid problems beyond solving problems.


Headquartered in Ankara, Doğruer Customs Consultancy, located at the place where the state institutions are located; completed its branch network in Turkey's most important foreign trade port and position tracking can work on your behalf in almost all of Turkey's customs. With a single customer representative, all your business is seamlessly followed by one hand.

DOĞRUER CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY serves in many regions of Turkey as well as effective and provide quality services, with a strong and principled business partners in Turkey and in the world's trouble-free service gives you many points.

With CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY, our group of companies will be going abroad or taking your loads from abroad and taking care of all the customs procedures in both domestic and abroad as fast as possible and offering you a seamless and safe service.