Bonded Warehouses


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Highway Warehouse

Due to the fact that our current customs warehouse is inadequate compared to our developing business volume and developing national economy, a new complex establishment was needed and the facility which was started to be built in Ankara was completed in a very short time and presented to our esteemed customers and other companies in the sector in the last quarter of 2014.

From our bonded warehouses; you can benefit from safe, clean, regularly, and most importantly, at a price that will give you cost advantages.

Customs General Warehouse Area3.500 m²
Duty Free Warehouse Area11.250 m²
  • 23.000 m² total area, 14.750 m² closed area
  • Full-day private security
  • 4 forklifts
  • Computer connection with the center
  • Computer aided warehouse management, barcode system
  • 4 loading and unloading ramps

Airline Temporary Storage Area

Having decided to invest in the airline in 2018, Doğruer Group decided to open a new customs warehousing area by DHMİ at the time assigned to them by tender. We are also at your disposal in order to reduce your costs with the location of the apron inside Esenboğa Airport and customs airmail.

  • 750 m² total area, 500 m² closed area
  • Barcode and shelf systems
  • Right next to the apron
  • All day duty officer
  • 24 hours private security